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In today’s fast-paced business environment, time is a valuable commodity, and companies often have tight deadlines and high expectations for customer service. That’s why we are proud to have provided a seamless and ‘no fuss’ experience for one of our valued clients.

When our client reached out to us with an urgent need for contract warehouse employees, we knew that we had to act fast. With just one call to deliver the brief, we were able to launch into action and provide a quick response that met their expectations. Our team of experienced recruiters was able to identify the right candidates for the job, ensuring that our client received the support they needed, when they needed it.

Finding the right staff for warehouses during peak times can be a real struggle for many companies. With increased demand for goods and services, warehouses can experience a shortage of workers, making it difficult to keep up with the pace of operations. This can lead to delays, increased stress, and a drop in customer satisfaction. During these critical periods, it is essential to have a reliable partner who can provide the support needed to ensure that operations continue smoothly. Companies that are unable to find the right staff can experience significant losses, both in terms of time and money. That’s why it’s essential to have a partner like Haynes, who understands the challenges of finding the right talent during peak times and is always ready to provide a solution.

Why Finding Warehouse Staff is a Challenge for Many Companies

Recruiting for warehouse workers can be a difficult task for companies due to the physically demanding nature of the work, skill requirements, high turnover, competition for workers, and location challenges.

Picker/Packer: This role is responsible for picking and packing orders according to customer specifications, ensuring that the correct items are included and that the packages are properly prepared for shipment. These jobs can be difficult to hire for because they require accuracy and attention to detail, as well as the ability to work quickly and efficiently in a fast-paced environment. Additionally, pickers and packers often work with barcode scanning equipment, so it is important to have basic computer skills and the ability to learn new technology quickly.

Forklift Operator: This role requires the use of a forklift to move heavy goods around the warehouse. This type of job is difficult to hire for because it requires specific training and certification to operate the equipment safely.

Inventory Manager: This position is responsible for managing the inventory levels in the warehouse, including receiving and tracking shipments, conducting regular physical inventory counts, and ensuring that items are stored properly. This role can be difficult to hire for because it requires a combination of technical and organizational skills, as well as attention to detail.

Warehouse work is popular with individuals seeking seasonal employment across various industries and organisations. Our recruiters have vast experience in the warehousing industry, enabling us to quickly identify suitable candidates from our comprehensive database with the necessary skillsets for specific roles. This approach ensures that we can promptly provide our clients with a pool of qualified candidates who have demonstrated their capabilities in comparable positions.

We foster relationships with temporary workers who have previously worked with us, allowing us to expedite the recruitment process and create a seamless onboarding experience for employers and employees. As a result, these workers are familiar with our expectations. They can quickly adapt to new work environments, resulting in a more efficient and effective workforce.

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