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Haynes provides Labour Hire Support to Largest Solar Farm in New South Wales

In the heart of the New England region in New South Wales, a ground-breaking initiative is taking shape that promises to revolutionise the energy landscape of Australia.

The New England Solar project, a massive 720MW solar and battery endeavour, is not only making strides in renewable energy but also setting a benchmark for community collaboration.

At the forefront of supporting this ambitious project is Haynes Labour Hire and Recruitment, providing skilled workforce solutions.

The New England Solar Project

The New England Solar project is a testament to Australia’s commitment to transitioning towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

Spanning a vast 2,000-hectare site of predominantly cleared grazing land, the solar farm is a sight to behold.

The project leverages an existing 330kV power line owned and operated by TransGrid, facilitating efficient transmission of the generated electricity into the National Electricity Market (NEM).

The project is being rolled out in stages, with Stage 1 already online, contributing 400MW of clean, renewable electricity to both New South Wales and Queensland since 2023.

Looking ahead, Stage 2, with an additional 320MW capacity, and a 200MW/2-hour battery are set to commence construction in 2024.

These expansions mark the project’s commitment to further bolstering Australia’s renewable energy capabilities.

Community Collaboration

What sets the New England Solar project apart is its emphasis on community collaboration.

The project has garnered extensive support from host landholders, First Nations, and the local Uralla community.

This inclusive approach ensures that the benefits of the solar farm extend beyond the realm of clean energy generation.

Local communities are actively engaged, and the project aims to create a positive impact on the economic and social fabric of the region.

Haynes Labour Hire and Recruitment: A Key Player in Progress

Central to the success of the New England Solar project is the support provided by Haynes Labour Hire and Recruitment.

As a leading provider of skilled workforce solutions, Haynes has played a pivotal role in ensuring that the project has access to the talent needed to bring this monumental vision to fruition.

Haynes has delivered 322 employees for the construction phase of the project.

Haynes specialises in the recruitment and placement of skilled workers across various industries, and their involvement in the New England Solar project underscores their commitment to sustainable development.

By supplying the project with a competent and dedicated workforce, Haynes has not only contributed to the success of the solar farm but has also created employment opportunities that benefit the local community.

The New England Solar project stands as a beacon of progress in Australia’s journey towards a sustainable and clean energy future.

With the support of Haynes Labour Hire and Recruitment, this ambitious endeavour is not only generating clean, renewable electricity but is also fostering community collaboration and economic growth.

As the solar farm project continues to evolve, it serves as a shining example of how public and private entities can come together to shape a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

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