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Excavator work with Haynes People

We specialise in a range of industries, including renewables, civil construction, manufacturing, warehousing, transport and logistics, hard rock mining and agriculture. We offer job positions across these industries, from renewable energy engineers to farm workers. Our clients trust us to find the right candidates, and we’re committed to finding the perfect job opportunity for you too.

If you’re interested in the renewable energy sector, we have job positions for project managers, wind turbine technicians, and solar panel installers. For civil engineering, we have openings for site supervisors, surveyors, civil engineers, and project managers. Manufacturing roles include production managers, quality control specialists, and machine operators.

We are also the go-to agency for job opportunities in the warehousing and transport and logistics industries. We are looking for warehouse operatives, pickers and packers, forklift operators, transport planners, logistics coordinators, and HGV drivers. And if you’re interested in mining and resources, we have job positions for mine managers, geologists, and drillers.

Whatever your background or skills, we have got you covered. Our experienced recruiters will work with you to find the perfect job opportunity, and our extensive network of clients ensures that we can find you the right fit. Get in touch with Haynes today and let’s find your dream job!